My House Of Beautiful Hair Review! An Honest Opinion

House Of Beautiful Hair Customer Review! An Honest Opinion

Hey guys My name is Dawn “Dawnyb” Anderson and I am now a Team Leader and Manager for The HOUSE OF BEAUTIFUL HAIR company. Before I got on board with the company I did my research and I also purchased the hair and did these 3 reviews on the hair. Below are my videos as a first time customer.

First Week Hair Review:

Second Week Hair Review:

Third Week Review: I was Turned Into a Fairy God Mother

I truly Adore this hair and since I have partnered up with the company and became also a Customer Rep selling the hair and also blessing others with the opportunity to create a more secure income from home I have been so very happy and blessed. This business is very unique in the way that the owners have a vision for positioning people and their families in a better place financially and that is my passion. By Partnering with the House Of Beautiful Hair Co. I am able to help to literally change peoples lives financially. I feel great EVERYDAY I WAKE UP!


Now, let me ask you this if you had been given a chance to partner with Microsoft, Google or facebook back when they first started and they said to you hey partner with us having absolutely no inventory to carry simply refer people to our website and get paid from that and also from the people whom they refer and also their people whom those people refer and we will pay you commissions for those 3 levels deep would you have signed up? just think what would your life be like now had you signed up back then when you had the chance. What would you have done with all of those billions? Exactly and it’s so crazy but I read that back then with Facebook Mark zuccerburg invite 9 people to invest and join in with him and only 2 people got onboard and they are billionaires today. Those other 7 people lost out big time right?

Well this is your and their big opportunity to sign up TODAY! with a company that is taking off to the same height of success. The House of beautiful hair, Take ACTION and Get onboard Today! When you do you will be on “MY” personal Direct team and will have all of the training and support we have to offer 24/7.

Visit to see our hair and to place an order for our hair call 734-707-7899 or visit to create a free customer acct to receive huge discounts on our hair, also Click on the “Earn Cash” option to view our full presentation on the company and how we pay out. When you Sign up for a free customer account upgrade to a Customer Rep to maximize your income in 3 different streams. I look forward to seeing you guys go to the top with me on team! -To Your Success guys! 🙂


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